Why Choose Our Shop For Buying Diamonds Online?

Women adore glittering jewels and diamonds are some of the most precious stones that have a special place in every woman’s heart. These beautiful stones, sparkling from your wrist or radiating that glamor from your neck can really add a whole new perspective to your attire. These royal jewels are the prized possessions and are often used to embark special moments in life. Shopping for diamonds can be hard though. Going through different shops, evaluating qualities and cuts and plowing through different prices can be really tiring.


Plus, not every shop has every design or cut to offer. The recent advancement in technology and the internet has brought everything to man’s fingertips. Buying diamonds has become extremely easy as well. Why bother to go through tiring shops when it is much easier sit comfortably at home and choose jewelry at leisure? Here are some amazing benefits of shopping diamonds online.


Round Brilliant Diamond

Round Brilliant

Emerald Diamond


Heart Diamond


Marquise Diamond


Oval Diamond


Cushion Diamond




  • Convenient, shopping online for certified diamonds is extremely convenient. You don’t have to worry about the tedious task of spending an entire day at the shopping mall! No, now you can sit at home, in the comfort of your own room and have your adored jewels delivered to your doorstep. Cutting out the unnecessary expedition of searching for the right ring or necklace by bringing everything on the net has made shopping for GIA loose diamonds incredibly easy. You know what this means? It is easily buy your favorite diamonds without having to journey to different shops or malls repetitively.

  • Broad variety, when you shop at stores there is only a limited amount of variety that can be available. For more options, you will need to stroll around the market and visit different stores. Often, many designs are out of stock, so they aren’t up for display. However, when you purchase online, variety comes to you. You can comfortably look at entire catalogs of designs whether in stock or not and then choose the one you like and order. The online store arranges your jewels for you. This way you can access the entire collection without even having to go to a single shop.

  • Custom Orders, when you visit a shop and ask for a custom-made ring, there’s only so much that you can tell the owner to get the ring designed according to your wishes. With an online shop, you can take different parts of different rings and combine them to see what look they would give. Plus, you can easily upload different pictures of the required design on the site and our online store creates an exact image of diamond to satisfy your request.

  • Authentication, unless you have previous knowledge or reference, shopping from a shop can be risky. You never know whether it sells original diamonds or not. However, an online store has to display its authenticity and proofs of its diamonds which assures you of the trueness of these glittering stones. Plus, the reviews left by other customers are a great help and accurately sum up the services of the stores. So, it’s easily to find an authentic, online store to order your jewels.

  • Pricing, pricing in the right reputable online store can bring with it huge savings in expenses! Our pricing is extremely competitive, as the diamonds pass almost no other companies, each step increasing the price. Instead our formula is simple, from the mine to the company that cuts it, and onwards directly to you. This method allows you to shop for diamonds online for the best possible prices. Sometimes our prices are even 60% lower than in some shops, for the exact same quality diamonds with GIA certification!

  • GIA Certification, GIA certificates are internationally considered the best type of certification for loose GIA certified diamonds. When shopping for loose certified diamonds online from our shop through our loose diamond selector, all of our diamonds are certified by the GIA, which is the diamond grading company with the strictest standards.

  • Shop In 3D, as part of a few very select websites, the majority of our selection is viewable in 3D. This enables you to see inside your diamond with even better accuracy than holding the stunning beauty of the diamond in your hand yourself.

    Clearly, there are many benefits of ordering diamonds online instead of going through many shops in search of the desired piece. There are also many online stores that provide great services. Antwerp is one of the leading online stores in terms of prices and quality, dealing in a variety of mesmerizing diamonds, in different cuts and pretty frames. Choose the stones that you like to add that royal flair to your look. We have a vast variety of designs to please your requests so that all your needs are met. Place your order today!