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Carat is the size of the diamond. If two diamonds are the same exact grade, the larger one will be more expensive.

Carat Weight


The color of a diamond also determines the price. Whiter diamonds are more expensive. K is the lowest, yellowest graded diamond we have in supply, and D is the whitest, highest grade color commercially sold.


The clarity of a diamond is a measure of how many imperfections are in the diamond, called inclusions. The less inclusions found in a diamond, the higher its grade is. In this aspect SI2 is considered low grade with very large defects, and FL being the highest grade. FL is considered Loop Clean with no visible imperfections whatsoever. FL diamonds are extremely rare.

Cut Quality

Proper cut proportions are crucial to bringing out the beauty in diamonds by reflecting the light inside in a beautiful manner. Excellent is the highest quality and most expensive cut. If the cut is too far from the ideal it will not look as good


This is an example of your diamond. To view the actual diamond in 3D (if a 3D video is available), either press "choose" to select a diamond or hover over the "?" next to the diamond info to view the video of the GIA certified loose diamond online. The diamonds with 3D videos will have a "3D" icon next to their shape.

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Buy GIA Certified Loose Emerald Cut Diamonds Online

Stones, particularly those glittering diamonds need to be honed and cut precisely to make them refined and beautiful. There are a great many different ways of cutting and shaping diamonds, each with their own quality and beauty. The emerald cut is exquisite and preferred by many modern jewelry lovers. The flat top and the sides shaped in a rectangular emerald gives the diamond that royal feel and that glamorous look that is adored by many women. Buying online with 3D view will allow you to view these cuts in all dimensions to assure yourself of how they really look, alone as well as set in the particular frame of your choice. This has made buying online stores much easier as you can view the mesmerizing piece as if you were holding it in your own hand.

The most prominent feature of an emerald cut diamond is its size. These cuts and jewelry look huge as compared to other cuts, which is why it is the preferred cut for a ring. Also, as these diamonds look larger than they really are due to the perfect illusion created by the craftsmen, they can cost much less than they look. The particular quality of an emerald cut is its clarity. These diamonds reflect light, but also have a clear portion in them, which gives it a completely different view from the other shapes. You need to keep these specifics in mind before opting for an emerald cut because of the cut influences and changes the look of the diamond entirely. The emerald cut has its own beauty and cannot be compared with the other shapes. It’s just like buying entirely different stones. At Antwerp, we prioritize your desires, which is why we make every design in a variety of frames for you to choose from. You can embrace the modern tones of white gold to claim elegance and give a sophisticated appeal or you could move towards the warm shades of rose gold which are best for a soft look and that romantic flair. We also have the traditional yellow gold frames for those who desire their stones set in royal statements and elegant frameworks with a vintage look. Our designs are crafted by some of the most talented designers, who refine each piece to the heights of perfection.

It may be difficult to look for and decide which cut to buy online at one time. However, buying online with 3D view allows you to view the particular cut in every way possible so that you can assure yourself of the shape of the jewel that you are opting for. What’s more, you can have the jewel cut and designs as you please also. We offer you to personalize your royal jewelry according to your preference so that the pieces you wear, carry your personalized desires, adding, even more, sophistication to your jewels. Create unique masterpieces with the emerald cut diamond and set in the framework of your choice to create a memorable piece with lasting memories. Stones can make a statement. Wearing that huge glittering rock on your hand or on your neck will speak for itself. Combine the mesmerizing serenity of these glittering stars with your apparel to stun the people around you. Buying online with 3D view has made buying these unique pieces of art even easier. So why the wait? Buy the royal jewels of your dreams today!

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