Custom Jewelry

Would you like to create your own custom jewelry, made with diamonds, gemstones or without? You have come to the right place! At Antwerp Or we can help you create any design imaginable. We have decades of experience in the creation of customized jewelry for our clients, such as specially made necklaces, bracelets, earrings and pendants. We not only pride ourselves in creating custom jewelry set with either diamonds or gemstones with very large variance for our clients, we also pride ourselves in our ability to do it in an affordable manner. Understandably, creating custom jewelry is more expensive than ones made in the workshop, but we do our best to beat the competition providing not just the highest quality but doing so at the lowest possible price. The expert goldsmiths and precious gem setters we work with have -like us- been in the trade for several generations and our clients can count on a very high level of expertise and exquisite results in the creation of custom jewelry.


  Step 1: Tell us What Personalized Design You Are Looking for


It is possible show us examples that are very similar to the model you’re looking for, and asking for specific modifications. This will be a less costly option. It is also possible to draw a sketch from scratch and send it to us. In either of previous cases we will have our designer create a 3D render of your jewel, after which we can discuss further modifications until you’re pleased. Alternatively, you can use software to render your own jewel in 3D and send it to us.



  Step 2: Receive a Custom-Made 3D Render


After you have shown us what model you find the most interesting a designer will create a personalized 3D render based on your jewel sketch or text description. We will then send you the 3D Render of your custom designed jewel. Our 3D renders are made professionally by an expert specialized in creating images of custom jewelry. This process takes at most 3 days.



  Step 3: Revision, and Creation of Final 3D Custom Render


It’s very common for final modifications to be requested and we would gladly oblige. During this revision process you have the chance to further request further changes in the appearance of your customized jewel. If the results are not to your full liking, we repeat step 3 indefinitely. It is very important for us that the made-to-order designed jewelry you have requested come out exactly as you want. Our methods for creating custom jewelry involve 3D printing of a cast, which we then use to materialize your jewel to your personalized preferences. There are almost no limitations to what we can create.



  Step 4: Custom-Built Model Pricing Calculation


Once you are fully pleased with the appearance of the render our team has designed for you, we calculate the cost of production and notify you of it. We only start production once you are 100% pleased with both price, look, and feel of your custom-made jewel. In general there will be a large amount of variance in possible pricing, depending on models and shapes. We are therefore unable to give you a price estimate before at least having a basic idea of the concept desired by our clients. Should you desire, we can give estimates for prices early on.



  Step 5: Creation of Custom Jewel


We print the cast of your custom jewel concept with a 3D printer, and use that to create your jewel to your exact specifications. Our craftmanship is of the highest level and you can be assured of the highest level of care being given for your jewel. Please note that we only create custom-built jewelry in either 14K or 18K gold. We don’t only guarantee your custom designed jewel will have the exact proportions and size you specified, but that the finish will be superb.



  Step 6: Shipping of Made-to-Order Jewel


After your personalized order has been finished several people will do a quality inspection of the finished product to ensure that all has ben properly made. Once this has been confirmed we will ship the specially made jewelry to you after insuring it at no extra.



Try Our Engagement Ring Customizer

At Antwerp Or you can create your own custom engagement ring online by selecting the pieces individually and merging them together, while also being able to select colors individually for collet and ring. It is the very first of its kind and we will be using this customized software to let people design their own bracelets, earrings, necklaces and pendants online. This option may not supply you with limitless potential, but there is a huge plus side that prices are only slightly more expensive than having them made with a 3D printer. Click here to try our Engagement Ring Customizer.