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Carat is the size of the diamond. If two diamonds are the same exact grade, the larger one will be more expensive.

Carat Weight


The color of a diamond also determines the price. Whiter diamonds are more expensive. K is the lowest, yellowest graded diamond we have in supply, and D is the whitest, highest grade color commercially sold.


The clarity of a diamond is a measure of how many imperfections are in the diamond, called inclusions. The less inclusions found in a diamond, the higher its grade is. In this aspect SI2 is considered low grade with very large defects, and FL being the highest grade. FL is considered Loop Clean with no visible imperfections whatsoever. FL diamonds are extremely rare.

Cut Quality

Proper cut proportions are crucial to bringing out the beauty in diamonds by reflecting the light inside in a beautiful manner. Excellent is the highest quality and most expensive cut. If the cut is too far from the ideal it will not look as good


This is an example of your diamond. To view the actual diamond in 3D (if a 3D video is available), either press "choose" to select a diamond or hover over the "?" next to the diamond info to view the video of the GIA certified loose diamond online. The diamonds with 3D videos will have a "3D" icon next to their shape.

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Buy GIA Certified Loose Cushion Cut Diamonds Online

Gems and jewelry complement a woman’s beauty perfectly. There is nothing quite so stunning as a mysterious sparkle of a diamond twinkling from the hand or the neck of a beautiful maiden. Diamonds are the perfect present for a lady too. Over the years the diamonds have evolved also. More and more cuts have surfaced that shape these diamonds into interesting shapes for a bewitching effect. The cushion cut is a unique shape of the diamond that has a more vintage look to it. All those ancient portraits with stunning royalties had diamonds that were originally cushion cut. Buying online with 3D view will help you appreciate what we mean by the classic vintage look of this cut. The shape is still popular nowadays as it really adds that royal flavor to any piece of jewelry.

The cushion cut has a great many variations. The diamond can be created in a number of different styles that include the classic cushions, the chunky cut, the broken glass, crushed ice and old minders among others. Generally, the two types that people often opt for the crushed ice and the chunky version. A standard cushion gives the chunky appearance, whereas a modified cushion cut will give you a crushed ice cut. Although these differences are hard to spot in an image, buying online with 3D view will give you a detailed view of these fine styles. It will also allow you to choose the diamond cut that you like better.

The chunky cuts or the antique cushion cuts as they are more commonly called, have clearly defined facets as you look into the diamond from above. The diamond has fewer breaks in its interior as compared with other versions of the cushion cut. The broken ice cut, on the other hand, is a sophisticated cut that has a number of narrow angles within its matter. They reflect light and set the diamond ablaze with sparkles. Buying online with 3D view will give you an idea of the dashing nature of this diamond. Any diamond is royal, but the vintage look of this cut adds a whole new meaning to regal.

The diamond holds a powerful meaning, however, its complementary encasing adds the perfect finish to the gem. We, at Antwerp, aim to provide a wide variety of choices to satisfy your desires. This is why we provide the cushion cut in a number of different gold encasings, including the beautiful white old with its refined cut and futuristic look. The gems can also be bought in romantic hues of the rose gold for that soft finish or the vintage yellow gold for a more traditional look. If you are uncertain about the final look, you can satisfy your doubts by buying online with 3D view, which allows you to view the piece from every aspect.

Gone are the days when you had to roam shops after shops in search for that perfect cut diamond. Just like everything else, you can buy these precious stones online too. Buying online with 3D view gives you a real life experience so that you can buy your diamonds at your convenience. Diamonds are the perfect jewels to add royalty to any outfit. Don these vintage, cushion cut diamonds on any occasion and bask in the limelight with these royal pieces.

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