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Carat is the size of the diamond. If two diamonds are the same exact grade, the larger one will be more expensive.

Carat Weight


The color of a diamond also determines the price. Whiter diamonds are more expensive. K is the lowest, yellowest graded diamond we have in supply, and D is the whitest, highest grade color commercially sold.


The clarity of a diamond is a measure of how many imperfections are in the diamond, called inclusions. The less inclusions found in a diamond, the higher its grade is. In this aspect SI2 is considered low grade with very large defects, and FL being the highest grade. FL is considered Loop Clean with no visible imperfections whatsoever. FL diamonds are extremely rare.

Cut Quality

Proper cut proportions are crucial to bringing out the beauty in diamonds by reflecting the light inside in a beautiful manner. Excellent is the highest quality and most expensive cut. If the cut is too far from the ideal it will not look as good


This is an example of your diamond. To view the actual diamond in 3D (if a 3D video is available), either press "choose" to select a diamond or hover over the "?" next to the diamond info to view the video of the GIA certified loose diamond online. The diamonds with 3D videos will have a "3D" icon next to their shape.

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Buy GIA Certified Loose Pear Cut Diamonds Online

Luxurious jewels have an aura of their own. Diamonds, surely need no introduction. Their glittering beams of lights and shiny reflections say it all. Truly, these mesmerizing stones are the desire of every woman. What better gift to get than a stunning stone that your lady can wear whenever and wherever she wants? However, there is more to diamonds than just simple cut stones. Diamonds are cut in a variety of different shapes to enhance a specific property and make them diverse. Buying online with 3D view will allow you to appreciate the beauty and glamor of each of these stones. The pear shape diamonds are some cuts that can really add dimension to the whole piece.

The glittering stone is cut by highly skilled craftsmen to Carve out the perfectly symmetrical jewel without any blemishes. Pear shape diamonds, or teardrop diamonds as they are commonly known for reflecting their color strongly. There are different grades that you can opt for, with the whiter and more transparent stones being more costly than the relatively yellow ones. The transparency of the stone and its shade matters most when the diamond is set in a white gold or platinum encasing as the yellowness can become evident. However, if you are choosing a yellow or rose gold encasing, you can opt for less transparency that can give you the allowance of a larger diamond.

Finding the perfect pear cut can be a task. This is because some diamonds can be too stubby, others are cut too long. Finding that perfect pear cut with the perfect rounded edge is a find in itself. The perfect ratio of a pear cut the length to width is between 1.55 and 1.75. We, at Antwerp, keep this in mind and cut diamonds to satisfy this limit as closely as possible. Buying online with 3D view will help you appreciate the perfect relationship to find that one cut that you like best. These diamonds are perfect for necklaces and earrings, but can also work with rings. The reflective, twinkling surface adds a beautiful dimension to the jewelry and as the cut is rare, having the perfect pear diamond becomes even more valuable.

You can opt for these diamonds in a number of different settings according to your needs. We, at Antwerp give preference to your choice, which is why we craft the rings in different encasings. You can choose the modern white gold encasing to add a chic flair to your jewelry or you can opt for the rosy hues of rose gold for a softer, more romantic look. You can also choose the traditional yellow gold jewelry if you are opting for a vintage flavor. Buying online with 3D view will give you a complete view of the jewel from all aspects so that you can choose your jewelry with satisfaction.

At Antwerp, we aim to deliver, quality gems where each stone is crafted with care and sophistication to form a masterpiece. You don’t need to roam different shops looking for the perfect diamond. View our entire catalog online with its diverse range of designs to choose from. Our buying online with 3D view option will allow you to consider all aspects of the jewel so that you know what you are choosing. Order your favorite jewels to your doorstep with Antwerp. Buy your loved one a special gift that she will not forget, buy her a magnificent diamond!

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