This education page contains an introduction on diamonds, also explained is some history, the basics of mining, and the common cut types. This page also contains a detailed guide on how to grade diamonds, ranging from color, clarity, carat, and cut. Also listed is information about grading companies.

Jewel Creation

Learn more about jewel creation with information ranging from stone setting, in which the basics of how stones are set are explained, to casting, which explains how molds are used to shape the piece being created. Also explained is information on engraving, polishing, and soldering

Gemstone and Diamond Cutting

This page covers information regarding the cutting of diamonds and gemstones, ranging from gemstone & diamond cutting history explaining the evolution of techniques through time, to modern day's highly technological cutting techniques.

Natural Gemstones

Learn more about natural gemstones in this page. Information here includes a list of gemstones and descriptions of their physical and optical properties, some gemstone history, and a quick guide on understanding exactly what gemstones are.

Precious Metals

Find out more about how precious metals are mined, filtered and produced, learn about gold and silver as a metal, and what karat purity means.

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How To Guides

Guides related to learning how to do jewelry related things, such as cleaning and diamond grading.

How to clean diamond earrings at home
How to clean diamond rings at home
How to measure ring size at home

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