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Carat is the size of the diamond. If two diamonds are the same exact grade, the larger one will be more expensive.

Carat Weight


The color of a diamond also determines the price. Whiter diamonds are more expensive. K is the lowest, yellowest graded diamond we have in supply, and D is the whitest, highest grade color commercially sold.


The clarity of a diamond is a measure of how many imperfections are in the diamond, called inclusions. The less inclusions found in a diamond, the higher its grade is. In this aspect SI2 is considered low grade with very large defects, and FL being the highest grade. FL is considered Loop Clean with no visible imperfections whatsoever. FL diamonds are extremely rare.

Cut Quality

Proper cut proportions are crucial to bringing out the beauty in diamonds by reflecting the light inside in a beautiful manner. Excellent is the highest quality and most expensive cut. If the cut is too far from the ideal it will not look as good


This is an example of your diamond. To view the actual diamond in 3D (if a 3D video is available), either press "choose" to select a diamond or hover over the "?" next to the diamond info to view the video of the GIA certified loose diamond online. The diamonds with 3D videos will have a "3D" icon next to their shape.

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Buy GIA Certified Loose Marquise Cut Diamonds Online

Diamonds have a long history as the most sophisticated jewels to adorn a woman. These glittering stones add a unique character to your jewels which can change the outlook in an instant. Furthermore, there are a number of different diamond cuts that make these jewels every more interesting. From the fabulous emerald cuts to the beautiful heart cuts and mesmerizing princess diamonds, there are quite a lot of different styles out there. The marquise cut is another mesmerizing diamond that is known for its enchanting shape and bewitching glitter. Once, these diamonds were hard to find, however, buying online with 3D view allows you to view the cut from all aspects so that you can easily decide which diamond to go for.

The marquise or the football shaped diamonds, as they are commonly called originate from the brilliant-cut. The stone has quite a history behind it. It is said that King Louis XIV of France designed this stone after Marquise of Pompadour to describe her perfectly shaped mouth. Clearly, the cut really is perfection. Another advantage of these stones is that being longer, they give off the illusion of a larger size. Certainly, the big studded diamonds do look regal, sitting royally in their elegant caskets. These stunning jewels are preferred for rings as they add grace to the wearer and make the fingers look long, slim and elegant. There are certain things that you should take care of when buying a marquise diamond. Buying online with 3D allows you to ascertain the equality and the dimensions of the diamond, helping to put these uncertainties at rest. Antwerp presents you with different length and width choices. However, a ratio of 1.75 to 2.15 is considered ideal for a mesmerizing marquise diamond. Another thing that is of importance is the symmetry. We, at Antwerp craft diamonds with precision, giving particular notice to the symmetry and the edges. This helps us create the perfect shape every time to preserve the sparkle of the stone.

The diamonds are set in beautiful frames, which we have designed to suit all preferences. You can explore the catalog online at our website to view our entire collection. The diamonds come studded in the mesmerizing white old, the stunning rose gold and the bewitching yellow gold pieces to suit your preferences, chose the encasing according to your desire. Each compliments the diamond in a unique fashion and you can appreciate the full effect by buying online with 3D view. The 3D view will give you an elaborate view from every direction, which will help you choose the perfect ornament for you and your loved ones.

It can be a trying task to actually go to the market and look through different shops looking for the perfect stones. A better choice is to buy them online. At Antwerp, we provide you with the complete experience. Go through our catalog to view some of the most sophisticated pieces and marquise cut diamonds ever made. We give you the luxury of buying online with 3D view so that you can view the ornament from all directions. Choose some of the most luxurious jewelry to add that royal touch to your attire. Adorn the mesmerizing stars to stand out wherever you go!

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