How to Clean Diamond Rings at Home

  Learn about the secrets of how to clean a diamond ring to keep it sparkling at home using regular household items.

Rings set with diamonds hold a particular place in any woman's and having them sparkling for eternity is the primary goal of many. However, cleaning these rings is an art. Jewelry stores pay particular attention to the very details and work on that diamond with all its intricate details to make that sparkling stone shine brighter than ever. The problem is that with the daily work in the kitchen and household, the diamonds tend to have a film of dirt and oil over it in just a few days. You don’t have the time to take your prized rings to the jewelry store every other day, so how do you ensure they sparkle? Thankfully, there are certain things you can do to preserve the beauty of these enchanting ornaments. Here are some ways that can be used to clean diamond rings at home, effectively.

Information to keep in mind when cleaning white gold diamond rings!

Using a brush of any sort is not recommended when cleaning your diamond ring. When any kind of brush is being used there is a risk of removing significant amount of Rhodium, which is a coating used on white gold of the highest quality diamond jewels in order to bring out the most reflective, whitest shine. Using any brush risks potentially scratching your white gold diamond ring as well. The frequency one wears his white gold diamond rings and care given to not scratching its surfaces during every day use greatly affects their appearance, this is why we recommend having your rings professionally cleaned by a jeweler. A cleaning session by an expert will make your diamond rings look brand new, guaranteed! If you are ever in the area, please do come by to have your earrings be made to look brand new! As long as you're safe when cleaning them on your own, and don't use materials with surfaces as described above, you should be pretty pleased with your results. This rule does of course not apply to cleaning yellow and rose gold diamond rings in the comfort of your home, but you should still be very careful not to scratch the surfaces too hard!

Quick dip

There are certain commercial solutions available in the market that are designed to clean jewelry at home. A great way to give a diamond ring that beautiful shine is to find a quick dip solution made particularly for diamonds. Read the instructions carefully to find out the specifics of that particular solution. Then pour the liquid into a container and leave your ring in it for the designated time. Take the diamond ring out, paying particular attention not to touch the diamond itself, as it can leave imprints on the clear surface. Allow the diamond ring to dry and then wear your brand as new jewels, as you please.

Dishwashing soap

A great way to go about cleaning these beautiful pieces at home is by using any daily dish washing liquid. You would be surprised at the effectiveness of this solution. All you need to do is mix some dishwashing liquid in a cup of hot, but not boiling water. You can then use this liquid to wipe the grime off the diamonds to reveal their shine. A better way is to simply leave the diamond ring in the hot water for about an hour. Then, by using a gentle, soft bristled brush, clean off the dirt that is still stuck on your diamond ring. Afterwards, rinse the ring with clean water and wipe clean gently, with your soft cloth. This will makes diamond rings look brand new and sparkly like before!


Another way to make these jewels dance in the light is by using toothpaste. Yes, when it can work wonders on your pearly whites, it can work on your rings too. The process is easy, simply rub a little toothpaste onto the stone with a soft bristled brush. Scrub away gently to polish the diamond. Rinse it off and wipe dry with a soft cloth. This will help let the sparkles of the gem shine through.


You may be surprised, but this tipsy drink is a valuable way to clean your diamond rings at home for a spectacularly dazzling effect. You can use a few drops of the liquid on a cloth and use it to rub off the dirt on the stone. You can also dunk your ring in a vodka bath for about 20 minutes. Give it a gentle brush down after taking it out, Rinse and dry with the soft cloth to have those dazzling stones, shining brilliantly.

Window cleaner

We all know that these liquids work great to sparkle windows, but did you know they can make your diamonds shine too? Yes, these window cleaners have activated particles hat digest all the dirt and grim and work to give those gem surfaces a beautiful shine. Just spray on the detergent and work it in with a gentle brush to bring back the lost sparkle. Rinse it with some water and wipe it dry with your soft cloth to have a beautiful ring that sparkles just like a new one.

Denture tablets

Yes, you heard us right. This might as well be the best way to clean diamond rings at home. Denture tablets can really make your diamonds beautiful when used correctly. All you need is a glass of water and a denture tablet. Drop the tablet in the water and then dunk your diamond ring into the water. Remember to soak your ring for only a few minutes so as to prevent any damages. Take out the ring and brush it well with a soft bristled brush. Rinse off with clean water and dry it to reveal that old sparkle that you so wished for.

Club soda

Yup, another strange way to clean diamonds at home, which works surprisingly well is club soda. You need to soak in the ring for a few minutes. The soda works on all the dirt and digests or loosens it, making it easy to remove. Once you take out the ring, you can brush it with a fine brush to restore the shine of that particular ring in an instant.


A faster way to bring back the shine of those diamonds is by using ammonia. You need to be cautious as it is a very strong alkali and can damage your skin, and anything that it spills on. Take a glass bowl and add enough liquid to submerge the ring. Add the ring, making sure you don’t touch the liquid. Take out the ring with caution and rinse it. Use a soft brush to brush the ring while rinsing it. Wipe it clean with a soft cloth. You now have a brand new ring with a magnificent sparkle. Cleaning jewelry is a long task, but with these hacks, it can be a matter of minutes. Nobody has the time to have their diamond rings cleaned every alternate day, however, we all would love to have sparkling rings all the time! The solution lies in these hacks. Using these simple aids that are usually present around the house, you can easily give your ring the shine that it missed. Polishing your ring is not a problem at all, so why wait? Make your rings brand new today!