<p>Huge Developmental Updates</p>
  • Written by Isaac
  • August 21st, 2019
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Huge Developmental Updates

In order to ensure our customers the best online shopping experience when shopping for custom engagement rings, cocktail rings, diamond bracelets, necklaces and pendants, we are undergoing huge developmental changes to our online product. Especially in the aspect of selling loose diamonds online, we are doing our best to have the best product availble online. Intuitive, fast, aesthethic, but most importantly, we are at the end phases of formulating our online business plan to compete directly with the largest online diamond sellers. We don’t just want to sell diamonds online, we want to do it at a better price than anyone else.

Things Being Worked On

Our website is nearing the end of this developmental process, and it should take about another week to get this done. The new version will feature a much more platform friendly design. All resolutions should be covered from 240px to 5000px in terms of delivering optimal functionality and design aesthethics. On top of that we are undergoing sitespeed optimizations to ensure our clients get the fastest possible loading times available on our custom written platform with heavy server load. Of course, our website is also undergoing significant design changes at this time.

Because we are currently putting all our resources into the development we are not updating diamond lists regularly at the moment. Thus we have removed the payment terminal temporarily so that our clients would not be able to buy any diamonds that might have been sold already. Please note that this is only a temporary thing. We expect to be fully operational end of August, and we say this with high certainty.

The Most Important Update

In order for our family owned shop to compete with giants in the online selling market, we must be able to offer our customers a better price than them. In our next update, and once we reopen payment gateways, we will be the cheapest online diamond sellers. We might just be a family working together, but we believe we have the direct source connections and needed knowhow to soon give these giants a run for their money. Our project is extremely efficient, there is no wasted effort and every effort is done perfectly planned in order to maximize yields. If needed, our team is able to handle dozens of orders per day. Our overhead cost is much lower than big companies, and we are going to fully utilize that. We calculate that we are able to make a profit where these giants would lose money from having too many costs.

The Cheapest Online Sellers

In order for our company to experience a real boom, we will for a period experiment with being the cheapst diamond sellers online. We are convinced the larger sales volume will make up for the reduced profits. So once we relaunch, you are free to find a very similar diamond to the ones we have listed online and compare prices. If you see a better price for the same diamond anywhere else, contact us, so that we can refine our formulas or at least try to match them in price.

As always it has been a pleasure writing this post.