<p>Diamond Shopping at Absolutely the Best Prices</p>
  • Written by Isaac
  • November 10th, 2018
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Diamond Shopping at Absolutely the Best Prices

We have recently done some market research and have found out that compared to the other online sellers of GIA certified diamonds, we are in many cases the cheapest sellers.

When we compare our pricing to some of the most famous online vendors in our field, we notice specifically for diamonds of 0.90 carats and above, we are often able to sell for a price lower than anyone else.

Our formula is quite simple, we save every unneeded middle man. There are no extra businesses profititing from this operation, such as extra steps and hands the diamonds need to pass through.

We order all of our diamonds directly from the largest diamond cutting company in the world, and are thus able to let our clients save up a lot on costs. While the larger companies that have bigger revenue need massive amounts of profits to break-even due to their very large advertising budget and dozens or even hundreds of employees, we are a small operation that is able to make a profit where others would make a loss. Our entire website, advertising campaign and operation is very cost-effective, and the reason we are able to sell at wholesale prices is because of that.

So why wait? Get in touch with us! We are the cheapest, and if we are not, find us a diamond of the same specifications and we will do our best to find you a price lower than anyone else! On larger orders, we can even reduce the price further.

We look forward to helping you find that perfect diamond! Do you want to start looking at our inventory? Click here to buy diamonds online at the best prices!