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  • Written by Isaac
  • July 5th, 2018
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Conflict free Diamonds

While going to the jewellers to buy diamonds, you will be warned to look out for the four C’s while selecting them – Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut. However often times people tend to forget the fifth C as well; Conflict-free!

You will find the best diamonds at the jewellers, but not all of them make sure that the diamonds are 100% licensed conflict-free. Customers worry that whether the diamonds they are about to buy are ethically mined and have no connection to terror or hostility groups.

It’s hard to come by shops these days, which ensure 100% conflict free diamonds. The complete guarantee of fairness in the mining and the trading process, is only given by a selected few stores around the world and our store falls in that category.

Our GIA certified loose diamond selection that is available online is 100% guaranteed conflict-free and natural and we provide the customer with authentic reports regarding the ethics involved so they can buy what they like without hesitation. Before we move on lets first get familiar with the word conflict-free.

What are Blood Diamonds?
Illicitly sold to fund a war or an act of terror, Blood diamonds aka Conflict diamonds became popular during the World war. While shopping for diamonds, avoid such diamonds at all costs and look for conflict-free diamonds with the following features:
- Diamonds are labeled as conflict-free even if the miners are paid unfair wages.
- Not been through illegal transactions in war or terror acts.
And we are glad to tell you that our loose diamonds fulfil the above listed features, decently qualifying for 100% conflict-free diamonds. If you are interested to know of the ethics involved, you will have to be clear that the diamonds you buy have gone through the fair processes of mining, cutting and trading.

Our ethically sourced diamonds
Our certied loose diamonds apart from being conflict-free are ethically sourced too, as they fulfil the following standard criteria:

- 100% conflict-free
- Have a guaranteed ethical source
- Companies involved in the processes of mining and trading should pay fair wages to all the workers involved in the processes.

We unlike many diamond shops out there are a perfect example of a shop that fulfils all such requirements, so yeah visit our shop to buy 100% conflict-free, ethically sourced diamonds. We provide conflict-free diamonds to any location in the world and the shipping is free too. And let’s not forget that the online loose collection of our diamonds is GIA certified too.

100% Natural Diamonds
Diamonds offer a good resale value only if they are 100% natural. So if you plan to resell your diamonds and get a good value for them make sure you buy the natural ones, for the artificial ones tend to decrease in value with time. We offer both natural and artificial diamonds, and the natural ones are GIF certified, 100% conflict-free. Our natural collection offers diamonds in varying lusters, cuts and shine giving you visual diversity.

End Note
Buying diamonds can be a hectic task, for there are a number of things one needs to consider. Apart from the four C’s, the fifth C and the ethics involved is the info not all shops let on to easily. So rely on Conflict-free jewelry stores, such as ours and you will be free of worry. Our GIF certified 100% conflict-free diamonds which are ethically sourced, will definitely add shine to your overall self. While shopping with us you can get complete information on the product’s origin and the processes involved and go home happy and content with your purchase.