<p>How to Clean your Diamond Jewelry at Home</p>
  • Written by Aiman Ibrash
  • September 13th, 2017
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How to Clean your Diamond Jewelry at Home

Do you realize it’s important to keep your diamonds clean to allow them to maintain their sparkle? If you have worn your diamonds rings for some time, you must have noticed that it suddenly became lifeless after a while. Some people might think it’s because of the life of a diamond. Actually, a grubby stone is more than likely the cause.

Usually, the key culprit of a dirty precious stone is grim and body oil residues from fingers or epidermis contact. As the muck accumulates on the top, it can greatly hamper the diamond’s capability to transfer light properly. This is emphasized by the fact that a good slim film of olive oil over a diamond can completely change where light refracts, causing the diamond to have a lower brilliance and sparkle. With regards to keeping your precious stones clean and bright, there are a few ways so that you can use to clean your gems at home.

Ten SIMPLE STEPS for cleaning your diamond jewelry at Home

Ultimately, the sort of gemstone you have and the means of cleaning you have at your service will determine the best cleaning solution to utilize. For instance, certain band designs like the 4 prongs or 6 prongs adjustments are easier to clean in comparison to diamonds installed in a bezel frame. In general, the 10 steps described here will work well for most types of diamonds jewelry.

Step 1

Fill a tiny bucket or glass with hot water. This water should be lukewarm rather than too hot for the hands to touch. Never use the kitchen sink basin with an obstructed drain for this purpose because you do not want your cherished property to be lost down the drain.

Step 2

Pour some detergent into the warm water and mix well. You merely need to employ a really small amount of detergent to make the solution slightly soapy.

Step 3

Place your diamonds in the soapy water to soak for around 10 minutes. This gives sufficient time for just about any built-up grime to break down and allows for easy removal.

Step 4

Fill another bucket with hot water and add a tiny amount of ammonia-based glass cleaner solution. NEVER use chlorine based cleaners because they could chemically react with some metals in the earrings.

Step 5

After 10 minutes in the detergent bathtub, remove your earrings and stick them in the next pot which you prepared with the glass cleaner.

Step 6

Take away the earrings from the cleaner solution and begin cleaning it with a brush with soft bristles. Clean all edges of the diamonds by brushing lightly with the soft brush. Since mud normally accumulates at the ends and the trunk of the band, you might like to give these areas an exceptionally good scrub. If the earrings have a prong-based kind of setting, take care not to clean vigorously as the bristles get stuck in some of the prongs and can loosen the stone when you apply increased force.

Step 7

After cleaning, place the precious stone rings back to the pot containing water and detergent. Clean the jewelry while it is submerged in the solution to wash off of the loosened dirt.

Step 8

Now, use clean water to rinse out the jewelry. If you are rinsing from the kitchen sink basin, be sure you put in a strainer to the drain to avoid dropping your earrings by accident.

Step 9

Completely dry the jewelry with a bit of nylon or other soft material and blow dried with a hair drier if necessary. Be careful not to let the water evaporate from the diamond jewelry by itself as it could leave water discolorations on the gem.

Step 10

Execute a quick routine check up on your jewelry for possible destruction like the loosening of prongs. This will help you find any problems sooner and get them fixed avoiding the risk of losing the gem.

Additional Ideas to Keep Your GEMSTONE Sparkling Clean

  • Dirt collected among the prongs may be hard to eliminate even after soaking with detergent and cleaning. If so, you may use a toothpick to eliminate tenacious grim but always exercise extreme care.

  • Usually, we would advise you against using any bleaching chemicals and other abrasive chemicals on your precious stone jewelry. It could corrode the material of the diamond ring and eliminate the sparkling ring’s finish.

  • Be mindful when inserting your earrings in extremely hot water particularly if you have charms with merged gemstones. Some gemstones with inclusions at fragile places can shatter when experiencing an abrupt temperature spike. Moreover, diamonds that have undergone clarity improvements may require special cleaning procedures to preserve their integrity.

  • If the ring still does not sparkle like new, we advise you to consider professional cleaning services. They have particular equipment like vapor cleaners and special machines which can remove stubborn gunk in a jiffy. In addition, these cleaning services are usually performed free-of-charge and can be carried out at the same time you take your jewelry for fixes or the regular checkups.

  • You can find special machines like ultrasonic cleaners which you are able to purchase for home use. When the device is turned on, the ultrasonic vibrations made will dislodge dirt and grime debris effectively from the diamond’s surface. These cleaners usually feature a metal cup so that you can place your earrings in and also have various settings of function for different earrings types.

Jewelry, and especially diamonds, are some of the most expensive and valued property in a home. They have a tendency to outlive almost all of your other belongings. If you wish to enjoy an excellent and sparkling jewel, you should always remember to clean them well. In addition, a good jewel starts with its manufacturer. Antwerp’s diamonds are built and crafted in a manner that allows them to sparkle and shines throughout your life. A simple rinse is likely to have them shining as bright as ever before!

Aimanibbi is a fashion enthusiast drawn by her love for stones and jewelry. She also loves to read and has a passion for diamonds which she explores in her free time. You can contact Aiman Ibrash at [email protected]