<p>GIA Certified Loose Diamonds in 3D</p>
  • Written by Isaac
  • April 20th, 2017
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GIA Certified Loose Diamonds in 3D

A lot has been going on! We have added a loose diamond selector which allows our clientel to view most of the diamonds available for purchase in our online shop. We care deeply about being ahead of the curve when it comes to technology. Not only can you view the diamonds in 3D and turn them around to stop the video at an angle you prefer, the quality is so good, that you can view individual inclusions. It really is a marvel, and even if you aren’t interested in buying diamonds online, it is still quite interesting to look at. On top of having these functionalities, available from 0.50 to 2 carats, all of the loose diamonds available for purchase are certified with GIA Certificates. But we went even further. Our prices are hard to match, with some diamonds being such bargains you could not find a better deal anywhere! Click to visit our page on how to buy loose diamonds with GIA certificates online in 3D or go to the page of the GIA Loose Diamonds directly. We believe this really is the future of online diamond sales.

Preview of our diamond videos in 3D:
Slightly over 1 carat diamond, heart shaped, VVS1 clarity and I color.

We have also added functionalities for wider screen, changed the website logo, and completely changed the main font used on the website. Roboto is very pleasant on the eyes and should make for a very easy reading experience. As we are getting ready to start online advertising for our web shop, we have also updated our shipping and returns information. -Isaac