<p>Privacy Update</p>
  • Written by Isaac
  • October 22nd, 2016
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Privacy Update

Constantly hearing about EU cookie legislation has caused me to investigate what really is and isn’t allowed. I was personally never was too worried about this website considering we don’t use any tracking software, but I did want to make sure I know what’s going on properly. It turns out any third party tracking cookie for gathering statistics is considered a “bad cookie". This includes but is not limited to cookies that use third party software to analyze user experience and other statistics, to showing ads. Even embedding YouTube videos on our website (when not using the youtube-nocookie link). It turns out it’s almost impossible to have ads on your website without having third party cookies going along with them. Not that this is of any issue regarding this website, as we have and will never host ads.

After considerate analysis of our website cookies, we have found that embedding videos from external webpages does use cookies. We have therefore switched our products to showing in either “youtube-noocookie” or an mp4 hosted on Amazon AWS servers.

We have adjusted our website accordingly. Our website now contains no cookies that are not conform with EU privacy laws. It is only when cookies like that are used on your website that you have to show this warning. You may have noticed that Antwerp Or does not need to do that, although a majority of website from the EU must show their usage of cookies. It is not that we are bypassing the need for notifying our clients of our cookie usage, it is merely that the cookies we use on our website aren’t “bad cookies” that might endanger your personal information in any way. The only cookies we use are very basic ones for reasons such as keeping price filters for selected product category, the jewels you have added to your shopping cart, the currency you have selected, language selections in the future and possibly a few more settings decided on by our user.

The law that users must be notified of cookie usage in a sort of message prompt is only applicable to websites that use “bad cookies".