<p>Current Updates</p>
  • Written by Isaac
  • March 2nd, 2016
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Current Updates

Pardon the delay! Most of the last months have been spent on the backend optimizing everything to work and look as beautiful as possible. When it comes to a launching a project like this, adding details about items and taking pictures is actually the easiest part. If I were to throw an estimate regarding percentages of technical and design work versus actual cataloging of product details and photography, it would be around 90% for the first, and 10% for the lather.

So adding the final product details and prices is easy compared to all the other things that need to be done.

In the meantime, here is a small part of the changelog for the website over the last few months:

- fixed issues with mobile navigation on product pages with youtube videos
- redesigned mobile navigation to change dynamically from regular instead of loading a second one
- Redesigned our Company logo
- Redesigned Product Archive pages
- Fixed a wide variety of issues with different platforms such as tablets and mobile, everything should be working perfectly on all platforms now
- Significantly increased page load times by about one second
- Significantly reduced average amount of server requests
- Compressed the thumbnail images
- Switched to a different template for diamond necklaces (such large items with so many diamonds look uncomplimentative, will soon add scroller)
- Added preview image of second product image (if exists) that shows up when hovering jewelry on the product pages
- Fixed several rendering blocking javascript issues

We are a bit of perfectionists when it comes to our website, and now that we are finally done from a technical perspective we can proceed with the pricing and product details. We plan on finishing this within about two weeks.

We are also going to run a promotion soon, where once we get 1000 subscribers on Instagram, one of them will be randomly selected to receive a diamond bracelet. More info on this soon. We might also run the same promotion seperately on Facebook, if we do, registering on both will give you an estimated 1/500 odds of winning a diamond bracelet. The odds may not be big, but they’re definitely not that small either.