<p>Getting There</p>
  • Written by Isaac
  • December 29th, 2015
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Getting There

Setting this project up to be competitive, clean and fashionable is proving to be quite the journey. The amount of small changes being made are at times perplexing. I would not normally consider myself a perfectionist, but regarding this website I am. The final shape has finally taken place, and save for a few items that have to be marked for web, measured and written detailed information about, there is not much more to do.

We have tried to make it for Christmas season in time for advertising, but we want to focus on customer service and further additions to our online diamond jewelry inventory, so there will be more jewels to buy, instead of worrying about further modifications to the website and other small details. We have started adding prices to the products, and are progressing nicely. 2016 will be an interesting year for us. May 2016 be a good year for us all.